House Rewiring FAQs / Knowledge Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really complete a full house rewire in 2 days? Why can’t others?

Our Company is able to guarantee 2 day house rewires because we specialise in rewires and have a skilled, professional, five man full-time rewire team.

Other sole-trader electricians usually work alone or with an apprentice or labourer, meaning that a full house rewire would normally take them 7 or 8 days to complete.

How much is the average cost of a 3 bed house rewire?

The average cost of a house rewire can vary substantially according to the level of specification and the exact cost of the rewire will depend on how many sockets, lights and general level of specification you require. This would be assessed during our visit to your property.

How do I know if I need a full house rewire?

For information see our section entitled: ‘Signs You Might Need a Home Rewire’

What does a rewire involve?

A full rewire involves changing the fuse board (also known as a Consumer Unit) and replacing all of the wiring, sockets, switches, lights, etc.

Does rewiring a house cause a lot of disruption?

es, a house rewire involves cutting ‘chases’ into plaster and then fixing the new cables to the brickwork.

Obviously this is a messy job but we bag-up and take away all rubble created in the process.

Do I need to get a plasterer to make good the walls after rewiring?

Yes. Plastering is not included in the quotation. We prefer to leave this to a skilled plasterer as they will ensure a seamless finish to any holes and channels prior to decoration.

An electrician will be unlikely to be able to achieve this level of finish, and few things look more unsightly than shrinkage cracks or still being able to see the outlines of the rewiring channels after decorating.

Do I have to move out during the house rewire?

We prefer that the customer stays elsewhere for one night while we are rewiring.

However, we understand that this is not always possible due to personal circumstances and if this is the case we can make arrangements for you to stay.

Will there be any electrical power during the rewire?

No, but there will be temporary supply to power fridge freezers etc where needed.

Do I have to move furniture before the rewire?

No, we will move furniture when necessary as the rewire progresses.

Will carpets need to be taken up before rewiring?

No we will take up carpets as necessary during the rewire and relay them afterwards.

Do pictures and ornaments need to be moved before a house rewire?

We ask that any ornaments which are of sentimental or monetary value are taken off shelves, mantelpieces and sideboards and boxed and put in garage or in drawers or cupboards out of harm’s way before the rewire starts.

Do I need to cover furniture with dust sheets?

No. We will protect furniture and carpets as necessary with dust sheets.

Do you clean my home after rewiring?

Yes. We clean up after ourselves as we go along and after the rewire is complete. We take pride in carrying out a very thorough final clean up. A lot of customers compliment us on this as you will see in our Testimonials.